Sidas 3Feet Active High Prefabricated Insoles


Sidas 3Feet Active High Insoles are a prefabricated insole designed for people with a high arch. Using dual density foams through the heel and arch they help to distribute pressure and provide support for the user. TheyåÊalso featureåÊaåÊgel cushioning pad through the heel and soft foam underneath the ball of the foot and metatarsal heads for added comfort.åÊ

Prefabricated insoles like the Sidas 3Feet Active range are regularly added in to ski boots to increase comfort and performance, and are a much better alternative than the stock sock liner all boots come with. However, they can also be added into most shoes as well to increase arch support and cushioning. They come in a range of sizes and have guidelines through the forefoot to trim to the exact size needed.