Rossignol Temptation 80 Snow Ski With Express W10 Bindings

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Expand your playground with the women's All-mountain range from ROSSIGNOL, which combines the best race and freeride technologies. Light, manoeuvrable and high-performing, the Temptation skis will delight skiers of all levels, who face all conditions.

At the heart of this versatile collection, the TEMPTATION 80 is designed for intermediate-to-advanced-level riders that don't want to compromise and do want to explore the whole mountain.

Its Dualtec construction which combines a sandwich and cap construction, guarantees grip and and easier turning motion. Turn initiations are made easier by the lightweight Air Tip, which offers greater stability and security. The poplar wood coreis also light in order to preserve your energy during the day, providing you with skis that are easier to wear.

An ultra-versatile ski for impressive performance!


The LOOK XPRESS W 10 binding is equipped with the Xpress system, which combines excellent performance with reduced weight, without compromising safety at all. 

"Tool-free adjustment" allows fast and easy mounting and adjustment of the bindings. Taking off and putting on are also optimised for greatest comfort of use. Safety is not lacking, thanks to the multi-directional releasefront jaws which help easy removal in the event of a fall, making it an ideal product to make progress safely.

The added bonus? A ski + bindings combination in various colours for an overall perfect look!


  • Air Tip: the tip is air filled for maximum lightness and structured to maintain optimal torsional stiffness. The weight of the ski is redistributed, the tip and tail of the ski are freed for easier skiing, for safety and versatility. The centre of gravity brought closer to the middle of the ski concentrates the force under the feet of the skier. 
  • Poplar wood core 
  • Light wood core: A wood 30% lighter, making it very easy to ski and easier to wear. 
  • Dualtec construction: a combination of sandwich and cap construction. The sandwich construction is located under the foot for effective grip, the cap at the ends, facilitating the initiation of corners.


  • Kit Only: "Bindings + connections" system allowing easy and quick installation and adjustment. The system allows improved ski flex for better ski-ability. 
  • Tool-free adjustment: adjustment system requiring no tools, enabling adaptation to all sizes of ski boots. 
  • Light weight: we design lightweight bindings so you forget about your equipment and lose yourself in the pleasure of skiing, without compromising on safety.
  • Easy Step-in/Step-out: Comfortable to use, thanks to ease of opening and pulling on. 
  • Multi-directional release: All LOOK front jaws offer multi-directional release to protect in the event of a fall. The boot soles are under constant pressure, providing better control and precision skiing. 
  • Brake width: < 83mm 
  • Weight: 730g / half pair