Leki Speed S Airfoil Ski Poles

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When you want to go fast, you want a pole that can keep up with you. The Leki Speed S Ski Poles bring together the classics with a Slalom grip and aluminum pole for durability that will make you want to turn a mogul set into a race course. Always remember to plant your poles... hopefully your Leki Speed S Ski Poles.


  • Shaft: Aluminum HTS  14mm 6.5 HTS Shaft
  • Grip: Trigger S Slalom Grip  Four non-slip finger grooves and an additional support area offer maximum grip and superior comfort.
  • Strap: Trigger S Vario Strap  Perfectly cut and individually adjustable for maximum comfort in the snow.
  • Basket: Cobra Alpine Basket  Ideal to hit the slopes. Tool-less basket replacement.
  • Tip: Carbide Flextip  For precise pole planting and uncompromising grip on any surface.
  • Trigger S System  The perfect combination. The Trigger S poles and Trigger S gloves together provide for outstanding skiing enjoyment and superior comfort.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Basket Type: Standard