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A great mix of responsiveness, support and flexibility, the 2019 Flow June Snowboard Binding is also super-lightweight with a glass-filled nylon baseplate and asymmetrical 1-piece UniBack highback, and expanded-EVA 2.5° canted BankBed footbed. Great for riders looking to feel good and have fun on the mountain, it also features our Active Strap Technology for maximum convenience.


The 2019 Flow June Snowboard Binding is the little sister of the Omni. Packed with the same take but with a Uniback highback instead for a slightly softer flex that is a perfect for beginner riders. 

The Juno uses a glass filled Nylon rockered baseplate with Aluminum-alloy side wings to minimise contact area with the board to efficiently transfer power. This creates a softer feel but still has a lot of response and playfulness, definitely made for riders that prefer the feel of a molded base. 

The 2019 Flow June Snowboard Binding is a medium flex binding so you have that control and response for the hill and in the park with great feel in your presses. The baseplate's foot beds are canted by 2.5 degrees to help align your legs to a more natural position to reduce leg fatigue and strain. 

Features a Glass Filled Nylon Uniback, this lightweight 1 piece highback with EVA padding is incredibly sturdy and strong with great flex for a more forgiving ride. The EVA padding works to take some of the shock and pressure away from the legs allowing you to ride for longer without fatigue. 

Featuring a Fusion 1-piece strap, the will give a secure snug fit every time with maximum support and comfort! You can adjust the fit with the LSR buckles which you can tighten or loosen at will. With the speed entry step in system you can get in and out of your bindings in no time. Simply unlock the high back, recline, step in and then lock back to its usual position. Super quick, and super simple! 

The 2019 Flow June Snowboard Binding snowboard bindings offers great versatility all over the mountain that is capable of providing a fun yet responsive ride, perfect for progressing riders and intermediate riders. These bindings are fully equipped with Flow's dual-entry system so you have double the choice of how you wan't to strap in before hitting the slopes.
Features Include:
  • Glass Filled Nylon UniBack -Lightweight 1-piece highback made of a fibreglass and Nylon composite construction. The Heelcup efficiently transfers energy to the edges of the board whilst the high back has a flex that allows you to tweak out your moves.
  • Fusion Powerstrap - The strap is 3-D shaped, fuses the ankle and toe zones over the mid-foot, and is padded for a super comfortable form-fit providing maximum support and energy transmission.
  • LSR Buckles - These innovative locking slap ratchet buckles give you the option to easily get in and out of your bindings, either step in or side entry.
  • Glass Filled Nylon Rockered Baseplates - With aluminum sidewings, the glass filled nylon baseplate offers a slightly softer flex. The minimized contact area with the board channels your power where it needs to go, while the rocker corners of the baseplate allow any type of board to maintain optimal flex.
  • BankBeds - Dual density EVA footbeds with 2.5° canting and adjustable toe-ramp optimize fit, this give the user great support and energy transfer.
  • Tool-less Forward Lean Adjustment - Minimises the hassle of adjusting your bindings.
The Lowdown:
  • Rider Profile: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Mountain Profile: All mountain
  • Flex: Medium
  • Compatibility: 3 hole and 4 hole systems & Burton ICS snowboards
  • Condition: Brand New