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The 2019 Flow Haylo Womens Snowboard Binding is a simple, all-round performance binding for women with a taste for all-mountain fun. The molded composite baseplate, UniBack with EVA wrap-pad cushioning and ExoFit PowerStrap with LSR buckles offer plenty of comfort and support. The extra width adds stability and easy-in easy-out SpeedEntry convenience.


The 2019 Flow Haylo Exofit women's snowboard binding is aimed at newbies who want an affordable binding that will still go the distance as they progress. Freestyle riders will enjoy the soft flex to churn out some buttery moves in the park! 

Features a Moulded Composite Rockered Baseplate structure to minimise contact area with the board to efficiently transfer power without any loss of energy. Made from very durable POM composite plastic allowing the board to keep it's natural flex for a more forgiving ride for easier turn initiations. 

The Uni-Back is a lightweight 1 piece highback with EVA material cushioning for added comfort. The EVA padding works to take some of the shock and pressure away from the legs allowing you to ride for longer without fatigue. This same EVA material is used to cushion the toe and heel of the baseplate to make riding more comfortable as well as absorbing some of the impacts from landings etc. 

The super comfy Exofit Power Strap has an exoskeleton frame to perfectly fit round your boot providing great support for your ankle especially with the forgiving soft flexing highback. This completely eliminates pressure points and allows you to have a relaxed ride all day long, without the dreaded foot pain! 

You can adjust the fit with the LSR buckles which you can tighten or loosen at will. With the speed entry step in system you can get in and out of your bindings in no time. Simply unlock the high back, recline, step in and then lock back to its usual position. Super quick, and super simple! 

The 2019 Flow Haylo Snowboard Binding is an affordable, great piece of kit for progressing riders. This is why Flow have used a broad range of great tech to ensure it remains light, comfy & extremely functional under all disciplines on the slopes. Forgiving and fun the Haylo is a great binding for any rider who's looking to master the slope!


Features Include
  • Moulded H-Series Composite Rockered Baseplate - Wider at the nose and heel for added stability and easy entry/exit from the binding chassis, the minimized contact area with the board channels your power where it needs to go while corners of the baseplate allow any type of board to maintain optimal flex.
  • Full EVA Toe and Heel Inserts - A lighter baseplate with pop-through EVA landing-pads in toe and heel area, for optimum comfort and performance.
  • Moulded Composite UniBack - Lightweight 1-piece highback made of strong and durable composite plastic. The Heelcup efficiently transfers energy to the edges of the board whilst the high back has a soft flex that allows you to tweak out your moves.
  • Exo-Fit Power Straps - Excellent power transmission with perfect fit, comfort and 3D shaped EVA-cores to seamlessly wrap any boot.
  • LSR Buckles - The LSR buckles are very durable, quick and simple to use, they also allow the user to use them like standard straps for side entry.
  • Tool-less Forward Lean Adjustment - Minimises the hassle of adjusting your bindings.
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: All abilities will love it
  • Mountain Profile: All mountain/Freestyle
  • Flex: Soft
  • Compatibility: 3 hole and 4 hole systems. Burton ICS disks sold seperately