2022 YES Hybrid Snowboard

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2022 YES Hybrid Snowboard

The YES Hybrid is a short/fat version of the PYL. Perfect for those chasing a more surfy feeling snowboard. It takes essence from the 420 and PYL to make a more user friendly experience accross the board. If you're the type of rider that likes to go fast and lay an edge then not have to worry about a powder board after a dump. Check out the hybrid as it could be the sled you've been longing for

Wait, they made a good-looking Hybrid?!

Scandalous love-child of the iconic 420 and PYL boards, the Hybrid immediately got attention with it’s release from anyone that knew anything about it’s parents. It has the shorter/wider surface-planing of the 420 and employs the Tapered UnderBite outline originally unveiled on the PYL. Floaty and maneuverable with confident edge hold and responsive snap out of turns, we’ve created a perfect hybrid of these two boards that has constantly grown in popularity


  • Shape : Directional
  • Core : Poplar/Paulownia/bamboo
  • Glass : Triax
  • Base Material : Sintered True
  • Flex : 7/10
  • Outline : Tapered UnderBite

2022 YES Hybrid Snowboard

  • Base Profile : Directional CamRock 1-4-1

2022 YES Hybrid Snowboard

  • Riders : People that are part of the solution


Sizes :

  • 153 42,3 dm²
  • 157 43,4 dm²
  • 161 44,5 dm²