2022 Sands Pro Core Mainline


2022 Sands Pro Core Mainline

The all-new Sands Pro-Core Mainline has been completely re-designed by Brett Sands, and is his rope of choice when out behind the boat. Made of a 24-strand Spectra Fusion and 100% Dyneema Core, the Sands Pro-Core Mainline is 100% non-stretch and performs to the highest standard for barefoot waterskiing.

Packaged as a 21.5m mainline, including a 2m leader with Quick Connect attachment for any Tower, this new mainline will meet all the requirements of competitive barefoot skiing. There is also another 2m take off extension if you want to get closer to the boat for a higher pull. Plus, we have added and included an extra 2.9m take off section for skiers wanting to get further back into some smoother wakes.


  • Spectra Fusion Mainline w/ Dyneema Core
  • Snag Resistant Cover
  • 19.5m (64ft) Mainline, including 2m Take-off Section
  • 2m (6.5ft) Tower Ext. Leader w/ Quick Connect
  • 21.5m World Approved Toe Rope
  • Additional 2.9m (9.5ft) Take Off Section
  • Total Length is 24.4m (80ft)
  • Brett Sands Approved