2022 Ronix One Blackout Wakeboard with One Boots


2022 Ronix One Blackout Wakeboard with One Boots

2022 Ronix One Blackout Wakeboard

Much like its continuous rocker counterpart- the RXT - the One series works well for those just entering wakeboarding all the way up to one of our owners Danny Harf who can land a 1260. New for this year we widened the board creating a bigger sweet spot for added stability, and is easier to ride at slower speeds. A shape that is known for making every wake jump feel like a double up now has even more kick to it. Our most popular high-end series 16 years running is the perfect blend of added vertical explosion leaving the water and a smooth ride on the water. A refined freeride feel continues in our lightweight advanced Blackout Construction.


  • Speedwalls
  • Tip/Tail Concave
  • 2 Recessed Fin Channels
  • 2 Guide Channels
  • 4 Fibreglass 1.0‰۝ Ramp Fins & 4 Fibreglass 0.8‰۝ Asymmetrical Fins
  • Endorsed by Danny Harf and Nic Rapa

One Boots

The GOAT‰ÛÒthe greatest of all time is back for another season paying homage to its roots with a premium white colorway.åÊ The remarkable comfort of our Intuition+ liner enclosed by the high performing BrainFrame chassis is a tandem unrivaled in wake footwear. After your feet have experienced a session in the One Boots, you will never look back.åÊ


  • BrainFrame Technology

  • AutoLock Technology

  • Smooth Skin Lining

  • Pro S.O.L.E.

  • Heat Moldable Intuition+ Liner

  • 3D Molded Toe

  • FlexForm Heel & Ankle

  • Superfabricå¨

  • Feetbelts

  • Ankle Shields

  • Danny Harf Pro Model