2022 Ride Twinpig Snowboard


2022 Ride Twinpig Snowboard

With nothing but clear evidence that the Ride War Pig is an all around beast. It didn't take a genius to put forth the idea of a true twin version. And when you put that idea into practice, you get the Ride Twinpig. A board that is as capable as its big brother War Pig, but adds the huge rendition of switch riding. Creating the twin transforms this board into an all around park, pow and groomer destroyer with the option for real switch riding. It still retains that massive width like the War Pig so you ride this deck far shorter than your regular board.



  • Twin Hybrid Rocker

  • Asymmetrical Quadratic Sidecut

  • Cleave Edge™

  • Sintered, Stone Ground Base

  • NEW! Performance™ Core

  • Slimewalls®

  • Double Impact Plates

  • Topless Topsheet

  • Hybrid Glass

  • Roll-In Construction