2022 Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard


2022 Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard

For those looking for the loosest and smoothest ride you can get out of a durable park board!

Raph is a mysterious fellow, and doesn't let much out until he's ready to blow your socks off...he never disappoints, ever. With a fresh new graphic, the Raph is back and ready to continue ruling the park scene like it has for the past decade. Join wake's most interesting man, Raph Derome, by picking up your own Raph today.


  • Aggressive Three Stage Rocker
  • New 4 Up Strip Bar Insert Pack
  • Center Concave with Edge and Tip Channels
  • Concave Beveled Rail
  • LF Exclusive Sintered Ptex Grind Base
  • LF Exclusive Liquid Rail