2022 Lib Tech Air N Wake Psyco Active Wakesurf


åÊ2022 Lib Tech Air N Wake Psyco Active Wakesurf

Introducing the brand new ultra high-performance Psyco Active Air‰۪N Pro wake surf model. Aaron loves his pro shape but, his relentless drive for progression and performance had him asking... ‰۝What if it was even better?‰۝ Our experiMENTAL division answered that question by wrapping his proven, speedy, precise catch-free shape in a blanket of aerospace technology. Our new Psyco Active construction combines the liveliness and response of carbon with ultralight, smooth-riding, impact-resistant, environmentally friendly INNEGRA fiber. Faster response, more pop and control, the world‰۪s best wake surf shape just went Psyco Active.