2022 Jobe Prophecy Carbon Kneeboard 2x Strap


2022 Jobe Prophecy Carbon Kneeboard 2x Strap

The Jobe Prophecy kneeboard is the top of the line Jobe board for any aspiring kneeboarder looking to go big and progress to the next level.

Jobe utilised everything they‰۪ve learnt from being at the top of the Australian kneeboard market with all new Prophecy. Built to maximise efficiency, they ditched the outdated symmetrical square shape instead of opting for a rounded pintail profile that allowed the Prophecy greater edging capability for easier transitions up the wake along with superior edge hold for a railing cut that can be felt in the boat. Boosting high for huge aerial tricks has never been easier with the blended three stages of rocker and the unique fluted tail that ensures the Prophecy snaps off the wake consistently. Overshooting the wake and less than ideal conditions have often been kneeboards worst nightmares but with the high-density triple-layered knee pad and landing zone along the base that displaces water riders can charge with confidence regardless of conditions. Fitted with an inserted tip that can allow the Prophecy to take a hook gives the ability to take the strain off starts and give riders of all skill levels a chance to enjoy themselves.


  • Top of the tree shape & design
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Three Stage rocker
  • Pintail profile
  • Full length locking rails
  • Fluted tail design
  • Tri density ergonomic pad
  • Snatch 3‰۪ double locking Padded strap
  • Inserted tip to allow the addition of our Jobe hook