2022 Hyperlite Pleasure Wakeboard


2022 Hyperlite Pleasure Wakeboard

The Pleasure is a narrower width cable board that's ultra-responsive from edge to edge. Great flex and scooped out nose for locking into nose presses. This is a board we recommend sizing up on. If you ride a 140 then look at going up to a 143 or 145. Because of the narrow profile, you lose some surface area so dont be scared to go big on sizing.

Alex Aulbach Signature Cable Wakeboard

Sleek & Soft for our Slender Euro ‰ÛÒ It‰۪s a True Pleasure to Ride!

Alex Aulbach, building on his European signature model and passion for snowboarding, is happy to introduce his new shape, The Pleasure. This new cable wakeboard shape isn‰۪t just for her or his pleasure, it‰۪s for all and was inspired by those top to bottom endless runs on the mountain, a passion he loves in the winter months. The Pleasure delivers a speedy feel on the water and its narrow profile also makes transferring energy edge to edge a cinch. Our fully machined Woodlite Core distributes a consistent flex from tip to tail which is the key factor for Alex‰۪s Pleasure.



  • Woodlite Core
  • Abrupt Continuous Rocker
  • Full Beveled Edge
  • Flat Tip / Tail Base Design
  • Mid-Body Channels
  • Sintered Base
  • Urethane Sidewall
  • Sized UP Philosophy
  • Shaper: Aaron Stumpf
  • M6 Inserts
  • Fins: Finless