2022 Bataleon BYND MDLS Goliath Snowboard

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2022 Bataleon BYND MDLS Goliath Snowboard

The Bataleon BYND MDLS Goliath snowboard takes the already wildy impressive power, stability and precision of the standard Goliath and adds a faster, tougher base made to cop it from the park to the backcountry. A fresh new graphic co-designed with Tor Lundstrom and the BYND MDLS crew you can't go wrong. Bataleons signature 3BT nose and tail provide catch-free riding without compromising response or pop. Go beyond and try out the BYND MDLS Goliath.

Vacation Forever Tor Lundstrom and the Beyond Medals crew define 21st-century creative snow sliding. Building on the Goliath’s versatile and powerful platform, our collab model adds a fresh graphic and toughened base for jibbing the crap out of park obstacles, natural features and street set-ups. Beyond sick!

Rider Level: Beginner - Expert

Camber Type: Medium Camber

Flex: 6/10 (1-soft 10-stiff)

Float: 66/100

Board Shape: Directional Twin Outline

Freestyle 3BT™ + Sidekick™

Freestyle 3BT™ has the side base and center base areas equally proportioned, with a medium uplift angle. With added length in the nose, Freestyle 3BT™ boards let you get creative across the whole mountain.

SideKicks are now part of the 3D profile on most of our models. By dramatically increasing the side base uplift at the widest points of the nose and tail, turn initiation becomes even smoother, powder float is enhanced and handling is improved in rough terrain.



  • Triax Laminate

Our three-way fibreglass weave is light, strong and crazy responsive. We use this to beef up the flex pattern on our more aggressive boards.

  • Ultra-Light

A 70/30 Swiss paulownia and poplar blend that offers awesome strength to weight.

  • D.S.T

A Super Tube on either side of the board enhances pop and gives the camber more snap.

  • Carbon Stringers

Tried and tested carbon technology. We deploy them in different areas to fine-tune the feel of each model.

  • Super Slick X

An extruded base with a difference. It boasts the highest molecular content of any extruded P-tex on the market, meaning it’s consistently quick regardless of how often you wax.

  • Flip Flop

Die-cut bases are like a jigsaw. Flip Flop minimises waste by using two or more color options for each piece. That means more unique graphics and less environmental harm.


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