2021 Spring Break - Ultralight Snowcraft Snowboard


With a soulful trip to the early days of snowboarding, CAPiTA and Spring Break present a line of hand-made Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcraft. Conceptualized by Corey Smith and designed by CAPiTA, this series embodies the heart of Corey’s garage built, oversized, plywood decks—but have been created using the technology available in the best factory in the world.

A more buoyant, ultra-lightweight Surflite 2.0 Core™ combined with a Surf Rocker camber profile and broad-shouldered shapes all work together to create zero-gravity floatation on top of even the deepest pow. Packed with technology like Forged Carbon Quad Packs, Holysheet™ TRI/TRI fiberglass, and FUS3D™ sidewalls alongside a new Skinless™ Core Ash woodgrain topsheet we have managed to minimize weight and maximize performance in these oversized frames.

Featuring an all-new Diamond Tail 154 and Pin Tail 166, there is no doubt that these Spring Break Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcraft will take you one step closer in the search for the perfect wave.


  • Board Type: Powder
  • Camber Type: Surf Rocker Profile - The ultimate in surfy, slashing riding, the Surf Rocker Profile features flat camber from outside each insert through the centre of the board, and surf rock rocker from outside the inserts extending low into the tail, and high into the nose. This gives you a more stable surface through the centre of the board, with maximum float in the nose.
  • Flex: 6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)
  • Shape: Surf Blended Radial / Directional - Inspired by a combination of surfboard design and snowboard functionality, this all new shape is the ultimate in surfy powder float. Featuring a radial sidecut through and past the inserts, combined with a huge smooth reverse blend zone, and topped off with massive taper, this shape will have you surfing the earth with ease. 
  • Core: Surflite 2.0 Core - The Surflite 2.0 Core was designed specifically for Spring Break Powder Displacement Snowcraft, with the goal of creating a core that floats in the deepest of powder. Taking cues from time-tested surfboard designs, this industry-first core features blocked Balsa and strategically placed Poplar woods throughout, as well as Forged Carbon Diamond Plates (developed in partnership with Union Binding Company) placed into the insert area of the core, creating an incredibly high-tech, lightweight, floaty ride.
  • Forged Carbon Quad Packs - These ultra light, high energy reinforcements are placed in the core at the inserts, providing lightweight power directly underfoot.
  • Holysheet Tri/Tri Fibreglass + Magic Bean ResinTriax/Triax HolySheet glass has a higher glass to weight ratio than normal fibreglass, giving you more stiffness with lower weight than a traditional layup. This is impregnated with a high performance, environmentally responsible, plant based resin that provides a powerful and dynamic ride that's better for the planet.
  • Fus3d Sidewalls - An exclusive fused deposition process yields high impact resistance through custom shaped, bonded core and sidewall configuration.
  • Base: Powder Drive Base - This base has been specifically formulated to be featured on the Spring Break powder series of boards, with maximum powder performance in mind. Dynamic and durable, easy to maintain and reliable, this base charges over flats and maintains speed for quick turns through trees.
  • Skinless Core Ash Woodgrain Topsheet - This board has a specially treated pure wood veneer topsheet with a unique tactile feel that is 220gm light than a standard topsheet.
  • Multitech Level 3 DeepSpace silkscreen
  • Multitech Silkscreen + die-cut base
  • PLT topsheet technology
  • 360 degree HRC48 steel edges
  • Stainless steel 4 x 2 inserts