2022 HO Syndicate Connect Inside Out Water Ski Gloves

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2021 HO SyndicateConnect IO Waterski Gloves


Syndicate Connect ‰ÛÒ Inside Out **NEW FOR 2021**

Added Grip Strength and Endurance


Syndicate Connect gloves feature a Clincher-Grip Palm Strap with Dowel system provide unbelievable hold power for longer sets, easier starts and less fatigue. Designed to transfer load from the hands and fingers directly to the wrist strap to the forearms for increased grip strength, less hand strain or cramping and virtually no blisters! Great for beginners and experts alike! Syndicate Connect gloves have extra padding on the wrist straps for extra comfort and stainless steel square rings for added durability. The inside-out construction, with seams built on the outside, maximize comfort while the dual wide stretch openings make application and removal quick and easy.åÊ


  • Clincher-Grip Palm Strap with Dowel: Added Grip strength for more grip strength and endurance with less hand strain
  • Padded Wrist Strap: Increased comfort and padding where load is distributed
  • Stainless Steel Rings: Added durability and glove life
  • Inside-Out Construction: Seams built on the outside for a seamless, comfortable fit
  • Blu-Tech Palm: Super tacky hold specifically designed for wet handle gripping
  • Pre Curved Fingers: Handle-specific functionality and supreme hand comfort.
  • Velcro Knuckle and Wrist Straps: Snug but safe closure with no pinch points.
  • Dual Wide Stretch Openings: Easy hand entry and exit for quick application and removal.

Quick Features:

    • Clincher-Grip Palm Strap with Dowel
    • Padded Wrist Strap
    • Stainless Steel Rings
    • Inside-Out Construction
    • Blu-Tech Palm
    • Pre Curved Fingers
    • Velcro Knuckle and Wrist Straps
  • Dual Wide Stretch Openings
  • åÊ