2021 Capita Party Shark Mens Snowboard

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Party Shark is a good time no matter where you ride. This party-for-one is an all-terrain alpha snowboard and top of the food chain when it comes to park, powder, and all-mountain versatility. Boasting a mid flex and superlight core profile along with a pow and freeride friendly camber, the Party Shark can jump, slide, slash, and float over almost any terrain. From doing double pencil necks over park jumps to gouging out powder stashes, the Party Shark is always hustling for the most fun on the hill.


  • Rider Type: Park and Resort
  • Camber Type: Alpine V2 Profile
  • The Alpine V2 Profile features lowered camber through the board with a reverse camber nose, which maintains the aggressive response and power of camber while providing maximum float and stability in powder. The camber runs deep into the tail on the Party Shark which keeps the back of the board stable and powerful in all conditions. 
  • Flex: 6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)
  • Shape: Directional - This board is engineered for deep powder and all mountain versatility, featuring a parabolic sidecut complemented by a tapered tail. This narrower tail section naturally sinks in powder while the wide nose floats above the surface, giving you smooth flowing turns and an easy, surfy, floaty ride in powder.
  • Parabolic - This board features a parabolic sidecut which consists of a mirror-symmetrical curve, creating a deeper sidecut and a quicker turning point in the centre of the board. 
  • Core: FSC Certified P2 Superlight Core - Built for highly technical freestyle riding all over the mountain, the P2 Superlight Core is designed to be extremely durable with maximum pop.
  • Technora + Flax Boosters - 2 x 30mm strips of sustainable Flax fibres woven with Technora help absorb shocks while increasing power and response.
  • HolySheet Fibreglass + Magic Bean Resin - HolySheet glass has a higher glass to weight ratio than normal fibreglass, giving you more stiffness with lower weight than a traditional layup. This is impregnated with a high performance, environmentally responsible, plant based resin that provides a powerful and dynamic ride that's better for the planet.
  • Base: Quantum Drive Base - Harder, faster and stronger than their normal sintered base, this base will keep you zooming.
  • Multitech level 4 DeepSpace silkscreen + PAM16000 topsheet with metallic underlay
  • Die-cut base
  • PLT topsheet technology
  • 360 degree HRC48 steel edges
  • Full ABS1000 sidewalls
  • Stainless steel 4x2 inserts 
  • 1" setback