2020 Union Ultra Snowboard Bindings

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The ultimate freeride binding - constructed for uncompromised board flex and feel.
The 2020 Union Ultra FC Forged Carbon snowboard bindings are like no other binding on the market. While developing the Ultra, Gigi Rüf and the engineers at Union had one goal: uncompromised board flex and feel. To create a binding that had these characteristics required reducing the contact points on the base and integrating high-tech, flexible, dampening EVA. The result is one of the best freeride snowboard bindings ever made.

The Ultra FC has been developed to be as light and strong as possible and combines the best technology that Union has to offer, producing a product that cannot be matched.

For the 2019/20 season, the Ultra FC features a Duraflex CB baseplate, which is super-light and specifically engineered to maintain consistent flex in a wide range of cold temperatures. By combining Vaporlite 2.0 with the Minidisk, Union have lowered the direct binding-to-board contact to 5%, while maintaining the progressive flex that riders like Gigi love.

This performance is boosted by Unions's all new Ultra Forged Carbon highback which has been fully redesigned for the 2020 season to pack in 20% more forged carbon and increase the highback's overall strength by 40%. Union's design process was originally co-developed with Lamborghini Studies Research Lab and allows them to created 3D shapes in carbon which have traditionally been limited to injection molded plastic parts. With a 10-1 strength to weight ratio Forged Carbon exceeds the strength of plastic tenfold. Despite the toughness and rigidity of carbon, a brand new shape still provides high levels of flex and response right where you need it! The highback then works alongside a new extruded aluminium heelcup, which offers high rigidity with minimal weight - acting just like a roll cage on a car to stiffen the whole chassis and provide seamless response.

As well as being stiff, powerful and responsive, the Ultra FC is also incredibly comfortable to ride thanks to a host of Union's best tech. Fused Vaporlight+ uses the highest quality closed cell foam to give the best cushioning and dampening with the highest level of response for a smooth freeriding experience. New for 18/19 is the application of Non-Stick™ coating to Union's EVA dampening systems. Gone are the days of getting ice buildup on your footbeds and highbacks!

Not forgetting Union's Magnesium 2.0 ratchets which are 4 x stronger than aluminium and only half the weight ensuring these bindings stay light and durable ensuring you never get unstuck on the mountain.

The Union Ultra FC snowboard bindings are a true premium all-mountain binding that will feel great to freeride in, performing at a level that next-to-no other binding can do. These are for riders who need that extra responsiveness on the mountain, coupled with a strong, light construction, so they won't feel weighted down and can fly through lines in pure comfort and ease. The 2020 Ultra FC binding will truly elevate your riding experience to another level!


  • Duraflex CB Baseplate - The Duraflex CB Base is lighter and considerably stiffer than typical fiberglass injected nylon parts
  • Ultra Forged Carbon Highback - Brand new and exclusive to UNION, Forged Carbon exceeds the strength requirements of injected plastic tenfold. completely redesigned for the 2020 season, it features 20% Forged Carbon and a new shape allows for greater flex and response where you need it. Lighter is only better when it is stronger; forged Carbon is as light and strong as it gets
  • OTE Fused Vaporlight+ Bushings - OTE or 'Over the Edge' bushings wrap around the outside of the baseplate for extra padding, which lends the bindings a softer, more surfy feel. Fused Vaporlite is the most waterproof, durable and vibration cancelling material ever created on a snowboard binding.
  • Non-Stick Gas Pedal - Fused vaporlite Non-stick gas pedals shed water and snow easily, eliminating icy build up under your boots.
  • Extruded 3D Aluminium Heelcups - The rigidity and strength of Union's Extruded Aluminum acts like a roll cage on a convertible race car - stiffening the entire chassis. The male / female connection with the base provide a seamless response
  • Exoframe 2.0 Ankle Straps - A brand new and fully redesigned ankle strap which acts as a suspension system for your feet. These straps are extremely responsive and offer improved comfort and extended durability. They also an all-new hinging system allows for super easy entry and exit.
  • Magnesium 3.0 Ratchets - Magnesium buckles are half the weight and 4 times stronger than aluminium, the 3.0 version is 10% lighter than the previous version
  • Universal Minidisk Mounting Discs - A smaller baseplate reduces the board contact area to give a more natural board flex feel. Compatible with 4 hole and ICS channel System
  • HexGrip Toe Straps with Secure-lock - Lightweight anti-slip thermoplastic material that is secure and comfortable can be worn in multiple positions to custom fit to your boot. qa brand new pin lock system doubles the connection strength and reinforces the buckles, for flawless connection every time you strap in.
  • Tool-less Adjustment - Allows you to make easy micro adjustments to your straps and forward lean so you can adjust on the fly and ride them just how you like
  • Lifetime Warranty - If you break or even crack your baseplate or heelcup during riding Union will replace it for life!
  • Premium Hard Case - These amazing bindings come in a custom hard case to protect your bindings
The Lowdown:
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain/Freeride
  • Flex: Stiff/Responsive
  • Compatibility: 4 Hole and ICS channel system
  • Condition: Brand New