2020 Union STR Snowboard Bindings

A great all-mountain binding that offers high end performance at an affordable price point.
The 2020 Union STR snowboard bindings will be the best option for entry level riders that wan't high end performance that's built to be super tough to withstand anything!

The STR features the strong, durable Stage 5 Duraflex ST Baseplate. Super light and tough as nails suitable for all-mountain/freeride shredding. The base has a canted footbed ideal for a wider stance that will add extra leverage and ollie power. The canting will help align the ankle and knee joints to reduce leg strain and pain.

The STR2 highback uses specially developed Duraflex with extra glass to give greater response and consistent flex at colder temperatures, without adding extra weight. This gives the binding the extra support and control needed to smooth out your turn initiations and carving. The Multi-density thermoformed EVA bushings within the base creates a natural flex between the board and the bindings that significantly improves performance and dampens heavy landings and vibrations.

The STR comes with Bone Out ankle straps feature a 3D symmetric design reducing pinching and increasing overall comfort. The 3D Extruded Aluminium Heelcup gives the STR an amazing strength to weight ratio reducing heel drag for ultimate performance. With Aluminium Ratchets you can quickly strap in and out on the mountain.

The Union STR snowboard bindings is the perfect option for progressing riders that need the best all-mountain experience. The 2020 STR will give you the confidence to get you started on larger drops and more technical lines with all out fun!
  • Stage 5 Duraflex ST Base - Super light and milled out to take out the most amount of weight possible while still keeping the rigidity and setting new standards in performance-to-weight ratio
  • STR2 - Duraflex Highback - Exclusive to Union bindings, Duraflex was specifically engineered to maintain consistent flex in cold temperatures. Duraflex STR contains increased fibreglass which gives greater response without adding weight
  • STR Symmetrical modern fitting ST highback featuring multi-layered nylon design for all around versatile heel support and control
  • Multi-Density Thermoformed EVA Bushings - All 4 corners of the baseplate are void of pressure points to promote true board flex and reduce harsh impacts that will perform season after season
  • Extruded 3D Aluminium Heelcups - Milled out material to ensure the lightest heelcup possible while keeping strength and performance
  • Exoframe Ankle Strap - Super light and comfy, featuring an all-new design that functions like a suspension system for your feet
  • Ultragrip X Toe Straps - Lightweight anti-slip thermoplastic material that is secure and comfortable can be worn in multiple positions to custom fit your boot
  • Aluminium Ratchets - Light and durable buckles that has quick strap-in-and-out ability
  • Canted Power - Footbeds are canted to accommodated wider stances with improved comfort by relieving pressure on knees and ankles
  • Lifetime Baseplate Warranty - If you break or even crack your baseplate or heelcup during riding Union will replace it for life!
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain/Freeride
  • Flex: Medium/Responsive
  • Compatibility: 4 Hole and ICS channel system boards
  • Condition: Brand New