2020 Union FF Snowboard Binding

The lightest & strongest snowboard binding in the universe - used by Gigi Rüf.
The 2020 Union FF Forged Force binding is a true 'tour de force' in the world of snowboarding and has set a new precedent in binding construction. It is the lightest, strongest, and most responsive binding ever produced! With eight dedicated Forged Carbon components used throughout the FF, this binding sets the bar for power-to weight ratio. It is a true carving machine.

Starting with Union's proven and popular Force platform, the tech-heads in the Union lab have taken this bombproof model and reforged it from the ground up with specialised carbon fibre components, to create a binding that is powerful, highly responsive and incredibly lightweight.

The carbon injected DuraFlex CB base is incredibly stiff and makes for powerful energy transmission through the binding to the board. A multi-density thermoformed EVA bushing under -foot works to absorb shock and dampen vibration, while a Forged Farbon Gas Pedal maintains incredible rigidity and response without adding unnecessary weight.

Forged Carbon has been developed by the Motorsports industry specifically for building complex, three-dimensional components that are able to stand up to extreme stresses from variable directions. This makes it the ideal material for high performance snowboard bindings, where high levels of pressure and large loads are exerted on to the components.

The solid FF Highback is formed from a single piece of Forged Carbon, which has double the strength-to-weight ratio of injected plastics traditionally used in highbacks. This means it has superior load bearing capacity and offers unparalleled heelside response and support, allowing you to lay out huge carves and perfectly controlled turns with ease.

The all-new 3D moulded Exoframe 2.0 straps seamlessly conform around your boot and offer outsanding levels of response and durability, making them ideal for freeriding. Not forgetting Union's new and improved lightweight Magnesium buckles, which ensure you never get unstuck on the mountain.

With it’s state-of–the-art construction methods and top end material, the Forged Force is a truly ground-breaking snowboard binding. Union have set the standard in creating a highly responsive binding that will help any rider achieve the very best performance from their snowboarding.


  • Stage 4 Duraflex CB Base - Duraflex CB is blended with Carbon Fibre to create a robust base that is lighter and considerably more stiff than typical fibre glass-injected parts
  • FF Forged Carbon Highback - Developed specifically for the Forged Force Binding, the FF highback is made with Forged Carbon to deliver unparalleled performance. Forged Carbon exceeds the strength requirements of injected plastic tenfold and these highbacks offer incredible heelside response and controlled support. These are the lightest and strongest highback on the market
  • Multi Density Thermoformed EVA Bushing System - EVA bushings allow the board to flex naturally under the binding and help to absorb harsh landings
  • Forged Carbon Gas Pedal - High performance Forged Carbon rigidity is combined with the soft vibration dampening of EVA padding
  • Extruded 3D Aluminium Heelcups - Milled out material to ensure the lightest highback possible while keeping phenomenal strength and reduced heel drag
  • Exoframe 2.0 Direct Connect Ankle Straps - A brand new and fully redesigned ankle strap which acts as a suspension system for your feet. These straps are extremely responsive and offer improved comfort and extended durability. They also an all-new hinging system allows for super easy entry and exit.
  • HexGrip Toe Straps with Secure-lock - Lightweight, secure and comfortable with anti-slip materials to keep you locked in and on point. A brand new pin lock system doubles the connection strength and reinforces the buckles, for flawless connection every time you strap in. Can be worn over the top or toe
  • Magnesium Ratchets - Magnesium buckles are half the weight and 4 times stronger than aluminium, the 3.0 version is 10% lighter than the previous version
  • Universal Disks - Compatible with 4 hole and ICS channel system boards
  • Tool-less Adjustment - Allows you to make easy micro adjustments to your straps and forward lean so you can adjust on the fly and ride them just how you like
  • Lifetime Baseplate Warranty - If you break or even crack your baseplate or heelcup during riding Union will replace it for life!
The Lowdown
  • Rider Profile: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Mountain Profile: All Mountain/Freeride
  • Flex: Stiff/Responsive
  • Compatibility: 4 Hole and ICS channel system
  • Condition: Brand New