2020 Slingshot Wake Foil Package 1 w/ FSurf Infinity Wing


2019 WF-1


The original Magic carpet for towing and surfing behind the boat.

BENEFIT: Fits in the board rack, Doubles as a wakesurf board when foil is removed and FCS II fins (included) are added, one size fits all, easy to get up just like a traditional wakesurf board.


  • FCS II equipped (Fins Included)

  • EVA Deck Pad

  • Dual Cupped Rail Channels

  • Foil Mount Track for customizing lift intensity

  • Inserts for optional foot straps

  • Fast rocker line for wakesurfing without the foil

  • Fits in the board rack



Ride waves the way you want to not the way you have to.
Ideal for those with the foil fever who already know how to handle more lift at slower speeds and hope to ride every wave in sight, both large and small. 3rd wave is a breeze, 4th and 5th are calling your name too. Surf ANY boat, and even ride the flats with a little whip and the power of the pump. This foil is also suggested for heavier riders in the 200 + lb range.
There are plenty of foils out there with tons of lift, but they tend to be super slow and can’t keep up with most waves without pumping to generate speed. Faster foils, meanwhile, need more speed to get going and don’t really work for the small, rolling waves foilers love so much. The FSurf package, equipped with our new INFINITY wing, is the best of both worlds. A large outline provides all the low-end lift and pumpability you’ll ever need, while its unique inverted gull wing shape allows for much faster top-end speeds than foils with similar surface area.
·New Infinity 76 wing- tons of lift, tons of range
·New Carbon Construction- lighter, more range and more efficient
·Modular Hover Glide system
·Shift fuse allows different connection for different performance
·61cm Aluminum mast- sturdy, super durable, ideal size for surfing
·Safe-T winglets prevent injury