2020 Ripcurl D/Patrol Girls Vest


The staple of Rip Curls wake vest range, the 2020 Rip Curl Dawn Patrol girls vest comes with all the tiding you’d expect from a high-end brand as big as Rip Curl. The segmented and ergonomic design allows for excellent movement and doesn’t make you feel like you’re being given a bear hug! The seamless design ensures you don’t finish the day with red raw underarms, while the single buckle makes it easy to take it on and off.


  • Ultimate Flex - Segmented Buoyancy for Ultimate Performance
  • Ergonomic Design - Engineered for The Ultimate in Comfort
  • Single Buckle - Easy on and off
  • Seamless Underarm - say goodbye to chafing
  • Australian Standards L50S Approved