2020 Protest Womens Moonstone Jacket


Introducing the Moonstone by Protest. This ski and snowboard jacket forms part of our PVRE series of technical performance gear. It has 20K water-resistance and 20g breathability. This means that moisture is moved away from the inside of the jacket while the outer fabric is waterproof, keeping the elements at bay. The Moonstone has a slim fit and a shorter than average length. The sleeves are ergonomically designed making all your crazy moves possible. For total protection from the rain and snow, all the seams are taped. There’s a waist gaiter, adjustable cuffs, air vents at arms, zippered pockets and 4-way stretch. The ultimate jacket for this winter, the Moonstone by Protest. This model is 1.75m and wears size M / UK 10.



  • Slim fit: This garment has a fit which is tailored to the body.
  • Geotech 20.000 series: This number tells you how waterproof your garment is. If the fabric is 20k or 20 000 mm, this means you can place a square tube with inner dimensions of 30mm x 30mm over the garment's outer fabric and you could fill it with water to a height of 20 000 mm before water would begin to seep through. The higher this number, the more waterproof the fabric.
  • Short length: This garment has a shorter length.
  • Chin protector: A piece of fabric that guards the chin from possible chafing from the zipper.
  • Easy headphone access: This jacket has a special tunnel for the headphonewire.
  • Ergonomic preshaping: Articulated patterning for an increased range of motion.
  • Fixed hood: This hood is attached to the garment with stitching and cannot be removed.
  • Fully taped seams: Fully taped seams are where tape is applied to all the garment seams and sealed using heat. For a garment to be highly waterproof the seams need to be treated in this way so to stop water from getting in through the stitchingholes of the seam.
  • Goggle cleaner: A special lenscleanerthat you can use to clean your goggles with.
  • Goggle pocket: A specially designed pocket perfect for storing your goggles when they're not in action.
  • Lift pass holder: This garment has a specially designed pocket for the lift pass.
  • Lycra cuffs: There is an extra cuff on the inside of the sleeve. This helps to keep snow and wind out.
  • Regular waistgaiter: This is a non-elastic waist gaiter which helps to keep the snow and other elements out of your garment.
  • Stretch: The fabric of this garment is stretchy allowing for all your crazy moves.
  • Velcro cuffs: On the outside of the sleeves at the cuffs, the sleeve width can be adjusted with the use of velcro.
  • Vent zips: These are zippers places under the arms or at the legs. They allow hot air to escape from the jacket and cool air to get in. A bit like your own personal air-conditoning.
  • PVRE series: Part of our PVRE line of supremely functional sportswear.