2020 Jetpilot H2O Framless Goggles

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2020 Jetpilot H2O Framless Goggles


Water is splashing around everywhere and getting all in your eyes and your finding it hard to see. What could fix this? Well you just found them! The Jetpilot H20 goggles were made for this situation and they are about to save your day. Oh, did we mention they float. No more loosing your sunglasses in the drink.

Our Thoughts:åÊThe floating H20 goggles Jetpilot provides has been an excellent piece in our Jet ski eyewear line. Pick up a set, you won‰۪t regret it.

Please note not all colours are available at all times, if we don't have the size you order we will contact you for alternative choice before proceeding with order

  • 100% Polarized Lenses
  • 45mm Custom JP adjustable strap
  • Unsinkable foam
  • Drainage holes on lower frame
  • Splash resistant
  • One Size Fits All