2021 HO Syndicate Omni BWF Mens Water Ski


The Syndicate Omni is where efficiency meets precision. This ultra hybrid-width crossover shape of this ski has a Carbon Fiber PVC Core Construction and is developed to handle high speeds It's construction provides tip to tail stiffness for greater acceleration and enhanced performance for high speeds. Equipped with the Flex-Frame that provides increased torsional flex for the maneuverable feel of a traditional ski with the added speed & stability of a wide ride ski. This allows the ski to twist creating tighter turns while added width provides a stable platform. Clean Edge Technology reduces the drag by 50% by allowing water to release cleanly off the bottom. It also has a Carbon Fiber Speedskin base, a fish scale inspired advanced laminar textured base reducing drag by even more!


  • Syndicate Construction: A proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and ultra-lightweight PVC Foam Core Technology for a lighter, more responsive ski that utilizes the world’s top materials for unparalleled performance
  • Hybrid Width: A waist width halfway between a traditional ski and a wide-ride ski provides for smooth instinctive turns at a wide range of speeds
  • Clean Edge 3.0 Tail: The Clean Edge bevel-less tail produces less drag and more acceleration with less skier input.
  • Continuous Rockerline: Instinctive turns with no paralleling
  • Deep Concave: Added stability in turn balanced by low-drag Clean Edge tail
  • Carbon Fiber SpeedSkin: Advanced laminar textured ski base to reduce ski drag/ increase speed, with 20% less ski weight!
  • Syndicate Adjustable Fin: A simple, minimal and functional design utilizing a single 5-32 hex key for micro-adjustment and fin blade clamping