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2019 Ronix Naked Technology - Potbelly Rocket

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Current Price $909.97

It should be called the torpedo because this board is an absolute missile through the water. The Potbelly Rocket combines a pure surf style feel with explosive speed and agility.

This board immediately stand out thanks to its unique potbelly shape. With most of its volume in the center of the board rather than back in the tail, it has more push down the wave for unmatched speed and acceleration. An added bonus is that the more centered riding position creates less fatigue on the surfer's back foot (more time wakesurfing). Crisp, hard rails allow the board to execute powerful maneuvers while at high speeds.

Ronix's Naked Technology is all about less is more. This core construction takes a pure, minimalist approach during a time where most boards have flashy, useless tech inside them. Once shaped and built, the board is glassed using Ronix's all-new liquid lava high temp surf resin. The Potbelly Rocket is built to withstand the hottest days of summer.

Something new for 2019 and only available on select Ronix surfers, the Potbelly Rocket features a front silicone traction pad. Closely resembling the feel of traditional surfboard wax, this silicone traction pad provides more grip and better board control without the hassle of wax getting everywhere in your boat.

Equipped with Ronix's exclusive Fin-S 2 System, easily reconfigure and customize your fin setup in just secondsÉ and with no tools!

The Ronix Naked Potbelly Rocket wakesurf board likes to do everything in 5th gear only. An instant hit with anyone seeking the look and feel of a traditional surfboard but wanting the performance of today's most advanced boards.


  • EVA Back Traction Pad
  • All-New Silicone Front Traction Pad
  • Exclusive Fin-S 2 System
  • Two 4.5" Injected Fiberglass Epoxy Asymmetrical Outside Fins
  • One 4" Injected Fiberglass EpoxySymmetrical Center Fin
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin