2019 Ronix Marsh "Mellow" Thrasher

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The Ronix Marsh "Mellow" Thrasher is similar to the Thruster Shape, constructed with a Softop construction. The soft top has the same core as some of the other Higher priced Ronix Boards. Yet this durable soft top board, is perfect for High end surfers on a budget, or the captain of the Surfing Vessel to put new riders on so they don't run a fiberglass board into the back of their boat. With this board, you aren't going to be worried about the surf racks dinging the board, or other people on the boat dropping anything on it, giving you great peace of mind for your weekends out on the water!

For 2019 Marsh Mellow Thruster has (2) 2.3" Fins, and (1) 2.9" Fins, for a very easy to use ride!


  • Machined EVA top deck with kick tail

  • 2 -2.3” & 1-2.9” Black Polycarbonate fins

  • Compression Molded

  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin

  • Air Vents inserted in the EVA pads