2019 Ronix Koal w/ Technora - Powertail+

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Ronix's best-selling high-end surfer year after year, the Koal Technora Powertail is 100% pure riding pleasure. This fun, playful shape was a complete game changer when it first debuted years ago and is still setting a precedent for how a high-performance surfer should ride.

When it debuted over five years ago, the Ronix Koal Technora Powertail quickly became Ronix's best selling high-end surfer. Each of the following summers the Powertail has continued its reign as their most popular wakesurf board. A favorite for several years now, this tried-and-true surf style shape is a guaranteed good choice.

A versatile high-end surfer, the Ronix Powertail does everything really, really well. A novice wakesurfer will attribute their positive reviews to its stability and classic surf feel. More advanced wakesurfers will rave about the Powertail in large part to its quickness, easy maneuverability, and the drive to zip down the line or boost airs well above the wave.

The not so secret characteristics that make this board so popular are its overall thicker profile and bigger, blockier tail shape. In fact, the Powertail is what started the industry-wide movement in recent year towards thicker, wider wakesurf boards.

This board is made for waves of all sizes (and surfs them really well!) The thicker profile and big tail makes it a small wave favorite as it gets plenty of push from even smaller waves. On bigger waves the Powertail generates serious top-end speed along with quick acceleration to get back in the wave's pocket or boost above the lip for an air. Overall, it sits higher on the water for more drive and boost off the wave.

The Koal Technora core construction boasts an EPS foam core that is then wrapped in a woven stringer laminate to create an overall more reactive feel on the water. Best described as a blend between their classic Koal construction and high-end ultra responsive Hex Shell core. The Fin-S 2 System is the most advanced tool-less fin system, allowing you to change out your fin configuration in a matter of seconds and totally customize your ride. Using Ronix's all-new liquid lava high temp surf resin, this board can withstand the hottest days of summer and last you for many years to come. New for 2019, air vents have been inserted to prevent the board from delamination when temperature changes cause the air to expand or contract.

A favorite for many years, the Ronix Koal Technora Powertail will be a surefire hit on your boat.


  • Machined EVA Concave Traction Pad
  • Exclusive Fin-S 2 System
  • Two 4.5" Fiberglass Asymmetrical Outside Fins
  • One 3.5" Fiberglass Center Fin
  • Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin
  • Inserted Air Vents in EVA Pad