2019 Hyperlite Hashtag Wakeboard

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Nick Davies and premier shaper Aaron Stumpf have delivered the goods again with Nick's new Hashtag cable wakeboard. With a wider profile and blunt tip and tail shape, the Hashtag supports the biggest air tricks. Tip to tail base channels increase the Hashtag's edging capability and the exit tunnel concave delivers a solid feel on pipes and rails. The revolutionary Airstick Core combined with High-Density Flex Zones in the tip and tail offers up the perfect blend of flex with the lowest possible swing weight. Nick prefers Hyperlite's Abrupt Continuous Rocker for smooth edging and locked in presses. Ride it, share it and tag it as you continue to progress your Wakeboarding.

"Yeah, stoked to have a new design this year, the #hashtag is a wider and softer landing deck, I can get more airtime off the water and the kicker. I love the process of designing, trying different thing to bring out the best it can be. With the system and process, this is my best set up for sure." -Nick Davies


    Our exclusive AirStick Core begins with all- natural, grass fed Paulownia wood cores that have been raised without antibiotics or steroids. We take these happy little cores and machine them to the perfect tolerance, removing channels of unneeded material from tip to tail to create the lightest wood core option in the industry.

    Building a stronger board through impact protection is the goal behind the ABS Sidewall Construction. Our ABS Sidewalls will help you tackle any obstacle in the park without the fear of an edge delam
    Our Sintered Enduro Base material is the strongest most durable running surface we offer. The Sintered Enduro formula undergoes a process that creates a strong bond between particles making the finished product nearly indestructible. This base option is the perfect choice for the cable park season pass holder.

    Feather Flex urethane inserts in the tip and tail create a uniform flex configuration on the board's centerline. They also store energy for the rider to release, making narrow and round features more controllable. Feather Flex core also allows you to pop out of a nose or tail press when coming off the gnarliest features.

    This rocker line adds a little more kick to the speed that so many riders look for. The Abrupt Continuous rocker line transitions to a slightly exaggerated tip and tail rocker creating added pop without sacrificing speed into the wake.

    This glass features a configuration of fibers running in three directions for maximum durability while still allowing the board to flex.
    Aaron has a solid pedigree in board design and he's responsible for everything that goes into a Hyperlite board today. No wonder he and Rusty devised the Marek which earned multiple "Board of the Year" awards. Always enhancing a wakeboard's performance, whether at the top end with our Kruz Nova or entry level with our bestselling State 2.0, he's Hyperlite's mastermind, killing it for boat and cable riders alike.