2019 Follow Beacon Cody Mens Vest

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This vest is Cody Hesse’s cup of tea …some men hunt for sport, others hunt for food. The only thing I’m hunting  for is a life jacket that looks and feels good.
See my vest, see my vest,  Made from real neoprene text.
Feel this vest, there’s no better, Than authentic Follow Vest!  Quote Mr Monty Burns


  • This Pro Fit cut features a complete stitch-through foam panel is designed to ensure no foam movement with added flexibility.
  • Low profile side panels for added movement while maintaining rib protection, tapered waist fit for athletic build, Zipper flap 2.0 – a velcro backed neoprene zipper flap stops the zipper stabbing you in the throat on that random grab.  We teamed up with the YKK and included a locker zipper to ensure it stays up.