2018 Ronix Press Play Wakeboard

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A cable wakeboard called Press Play ATR with variable flex. Along the rocker line you find a thicker and stiffer midsection and at the tip and tail, it is thinner softer - a great wakeboard for entry level riders to get the feel of riding laps.

The design of this wakeboard makes it able to rock into a press with a bigger pivot play under the feet and to have a smaller flex point at the end of the board.

Also mid- to advanced riders that want the feel and snap of a foam wakeboard construction will like the Press Play ATR board.


  • Rocker flex.
  • G AND R Technology,
  • Concave bottom.
  • Created for the everyday rider.
  • Four fiberglass 0.6" Free Agent fins.
  • Ridden by members of the Kinetik Crew.