2018 Ronix Naked Technology Potbelly Cruiser Wakesurfer

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New for 2018, Ronix's Naked Series is a new line of high-performance surfers that are sure to be a hit this Summer. The Potbelly Cruiser has the smooth, relaxed feel of a longboard while still having the drive and responsiveness to snap off turns when needed.

The name might be a mouthful to say but you will be at a loss for words once you ride the Naked Technology Potbelly Cruiser. Ronix developed this board to be a soul cruiser that could surf effortlessly like a longboard but a moment's notice could bury for the rail for a deep turn, slash the wave for dramatic effect, or explode out of the water for some serious airtime.

What is Naked Technology? It is a naked, minimalist construction that gets rid of the fancy graphics, sparkles and all that stuff to instead 110% focus on board performance. In fact, getting rid of all that stuff helps to reduce the overall weight for a lighter, more lively feel on the water. The graphics are plain and simple. Instead, Ronix decided to let the board do all the talking. Hop on it and you will quickly realize what all the hype is about.

The Potbelly shape of the board means that it is thin at the tip and tail while being thickest through the center of the board. Typically, a board is thickest throughout the tail. The changed Potbelly shape allows for more push through the front of the board, putting the rider in a more centered body position that could be compared to a cambered wakeboard. This results in increased top water speed and longer surf sessions due to less fatigue on the rider's back foot.

Equipped with Ronix's exclusive Fin-S 2.0 technology, easily change your fin set-up in a matter of seconds to dial in your board's performance. The most technologically advanced fins in wakesurfing, Ronix's epoxy molded fins feature a thin profile for less drag with the water and fast edge to edge transfers. The fins are available from a loose, skatey 2.5" fin all the way up to 4.5" fins for deep bottom turns. The Potbelly Cruiser comes standard with a symmetrical 3.5" center fin and two asymmetrical 4" outside fins.

The stability/sweetspot of a longboard but with added push and maneuverability. The Potbelly Cruiser is a laid back cruiser injected with the performance characteristics of a hard charging, surf style shred stick.


  • Machined EVA concave traction pads with arch support and extra tall tail kick
  • Ronix's exclusive tool-less Fin-S 2.0 system
  • Two asymmetrical 4" outside fins and one symmetrical 3.5" center fin
  • Handmade by robots
  • Compression molded