2017 Ronix Frank Boots

Save $299.96
Original Price $699.95
Current Price $399.99

We took one of our best-selling high end boots and upped our game, while dropping the price. This amazingly well rounded boot sits on top of our state of the art Brainframe hardware. Support is focused below the ankle to create a solid connection and hollowed liner ankles allow you to move freely in any direction, while still feeling locked in. Our most affordable high performance Brainframe boot. A perforated softer liner creates enough side to side mobility for a well-rounded riding journey. Wrapped in asymmetrical digitally printed art for your pleasure.
Can you find the penguin?


  • Brainframe Technology
  • Digitally Printed Upper (with some hidden imagery)
  • 3D Molded Tongue
  • New Quick Snap Lace Handles
  • Built in J-Bars
  • Mag Lock Beams
  • Bill and Frank’s Latest Install