2017 Ride Sage Boa Womens Snowboard Boots

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The 2017 Ride Sage is designed for the Lady who wants to step up their riding in comfort and style. It has a nice medium stiffness so you can tweak it out in the park but still feel supported enough to slash up powder and dominate the steeps, and thanks to the Intuition Plush Liner, you can do it in comfort straight out of the box. With the Trusty Boa system thrown in for easy and secure lacing, the Sage is a winner in our books. 

Product Details


Medium - These boots offer a mild flexibility rating granting you with a soft, forgiving boot that still has enough responsive support for higher speeds.


In2Grated Construction - In2grated Construction creates the lightest weight, shortest-length performance boots on the market -- hands down. The liner is factory moulded inside the shell to create the most efficient "net fit," leading to less pack out for better overall comfort.

LSD C.A.T (Calf Adjustment Technology) - Designed specifically for ladies to increase comfort and ensure a purrfect fit. This velcro adjustment on the boot cuff allows for a one of a kind custom fit in the calfzone. 

3D Formed Tongue

Articulating Cuff


Intuition Plush Liner - Intuition Foam can be custom formed on in-store heaters or will form to the shape of your foot over the course of a few days riding. Plush medium density foam delivers the ultimate feel for all day comfort.

Aegis Antimicrobial Coating - A coating that draws moisture away from the foot to make it odourless and bacteria free.

Lacing System

Lock Down Turbo Liner Lacing - A secure, no slack lace mechanism to lock your laces in place.

Boa Coiler - Speed lace system with a reel that retracts slack in the cables. Quick, durable and easy to use.

The Closer Lace Guide - A lace guide that is entered over the forefoot to drive lace power down low and even the lace tension throughout the entire boot. Accompanied with the Boa Focus Lacing System, the even tightening of The Closer takes speed lacing to the next level and provides an incredibly comfortable fit. 



Die Cut EVA Footsole - Solid, proven support and comfort.


Grip Sole - A single piece sole that is ultra durable offering solid traction and grip.