2017 HO Freeride EVO Slalomski With Freemax & ARTP

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2017 HO Freeride EVO Slalom Ski

The FreeRide EVO Slalom Ski from HO Skis is an ultra-bendy ski that delivers effortless turns. The combination of flex and rocker allows the EVO to continually conform to the water surface. Regardless of the speed and angle of the water, the EVO is able to compress and give the needed stability and control the skier needs. 


  • Clean Edge Tail: From the heel of the back foot through the tail for added efficiency by reducing drag by 50%.
  • Speedskin: Advanced laminar textured ski base for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed.
  • Paulownia Wood Flex-Core: Lightweight high strength Paulownia wood core for better ski flex and an effortless turns.
  • Surf Inspired Fish Shape: Lower aspect ratio with wider tail = ultra-efficient planing surface for performance at slower speeds and easier deep water starts.
  • Bevel-Less Design: High Volume concave gives more stability in chop and rollers.
  • 3D Shark Fin: NACA Airfoil inspired 3-dimensional fin for more lift and lower drag.
  • Carve Rails: Amazing edge hold when laying down powerful arcs.
  • Carve Flex: Active rocker carving.


Freemax Boot 

The Freemax Boot is a no nonsense ski boot featuring a static lace in the lower lace zone, a footbed anchoring system, and new lace management. The Adjustable Rear Toe has a marshmellow foam liner for amazing comfort and a footbed anchoring system.


  • Direct Connect System
  • TruFit Last: For amazing out-of-the-box fit, with no hot spots
  • Marshmallow Foam: For the softest, most comfortable fit imaginable
  • Power Bungee Laces: Rubber boot feel with unmatched support
  • Power Hook Closure: Improved upper cuff closure for enhanced performance
  • Power Lace Management: Simple, aft mounted lace post eliminates loose laces