2017 HO CX Slalom Ski With X-Max Boot & ARTP

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HO CX Slalom Ski

A better ski for the type of skiing we love. Imagine the performance of a Syndicate ski, optimized with a low drag tail, for effortless open water free skiing. Few things in life are as exciting as whipping out on your pullout to see a mile of glass laid out in front of you. The acceleration. The arcing carve. The tight line. You settle into that effortless rhythm and just wish it would last forever. Imagine a water ski that could let you enjoy that moment for twice as long with half the effort. That is exactly what the HO Skis Cross- Over Collection was designed to do. If you are a water skier, you owe it to yourself to ride a HO Cross-Over Collection ski and create your moments.


  • Women's Specific Flex — 30% Softer Flex to maximize feel for more finesse skiers
  • Clean Edge Tail - From the heel of the back foot through the tail for added efficiency by reducing drag by 50%
  • Syndicate Forebody — High performance design shaped to maximize acceleration and angle during course skiing
  • Machined Polyurethane Core: 20% lighter than traditional foam core skis
  • SpeedSkin: advanced laminar textured ski base for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed
  • Acceleration Flex: automatic turn initiation for instant acceleration
  • Aluminum T-Extrusion Fin Block

Ho Sports xMax Waterski Boot

The 2017 Ho Sports xMax Waterski Boot is the ultimate cross-over waterski boot just got better with the addition of the wishbone stiffening pattern and marshmallow foam liner. A reshaped toe pattern, new tongue curve and static lace in the lower lace zone, locks down the skiers foot for precision control. The new footbed anchoring system ensures your footbed stays put, even when your body positions get out of whack!


  • Direct Connect System: Natural Edge Angle for precise edge control & improved balance. Industry’s Shortest Flex Footprint virtually eliminates ski flex dead spots. Micro Adjustment for infinite fore/aft and 7* of rotational adjustment
  • 2cm Taller Cuff Height for maximum support and control
  • Improved Toe Pattern and Tongue Shape for amazing foot hold and additional tongue coverage
  • Dual Lace Zones: Low Drag Bungee Upper, Static Lower with improved lace management
  • Removable Footbed Anchoring System for easier mounting