2016 Ronix District Park Mens Wakeboard

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Looking for a universal cable board? The Ronix District Park's got you covered. Designed for riders first dipping their toes into cable riding or veteran sliders alike, the District Park is designed with a wider profile for enhanced stability. Built with G&R technology for a perfect balance between traction and glide through the water, the Ronix District Park Wakeboard is the most adaptable park board in Ronix s line.

Product Details

Rocker Type

Versatile Rockerline – Depending on how a rider edges into the wake, it will feel like a continuous rocker board with easy transitions and soft landings while also performing like a 3-stage rocker board with more upright pop.


Concave Bottom – The concave bottom near the tip and tail delivers effortless ollies and more controlled presses.


G&R Channels – Grip and Release Channels have all the traction you need for boat or cable riding without creating unneeded resistance with the water.


Variable Rails – Rounder radius bevel on the inside of a rider's stance blending to a sharp bevel on the outside for a clean progressive edge transfer and hold.


(4) 1.0" Fiberglass Ramp Fins

(4) 0.8" Fiberglass Free Agent Fins