2020 Ride Saturday Board Review

2020 Ride Saturday Board Review

Fresh off the coast, Chris O'Shea shares his thoughts of the 2020 Ride Saturdays Board

Ride Saturday

ALL TERRAIN FREESTYLE QUEENS - Weekend warriors rejoice, the 2020 Ride Saturday Womens Snowboard snowboard is here. With a twin shape, hybrid rocker, and linear carbon, this board will perform all over the mountain.



Hello everybody! Chris O'Shea from WelcomeWakenSnow.com.au and this is the "2020 Ride Saturdays Board". 

This is a true twin board that is designed for Intermediate to Advanced, but it's shape has camber into sort of a rocker profile. So, if you're somebody that is still a beginner and you're looking at this board and like the look of it. It still can be forgiving enough to jump on, especially if you're young and you're fit.

2020 Ride Saturdays Board

If you're athletic, you'll be able to jump on a board like this (check photo) straight out the gate since your first board, but then as you progress you're gonna be able to progress on this board to a really high-level riding park. It's gonna excel on the groomers as well. 

2020 Ride Saturdays Board

This board has a Sintered Base (a High-end Sintered base) and it's going to be really good for speed.

2020 Ride Saturdays Board

We've also got a Women's Performance Core. This has three different types of wood that is just going to give you a really snappy lively board.

2020 Ride Saturdays Woman Board

What Ride does is they’ve women's boards designed and tested by women. So, they're not just taking a guy's board and then throwing a girl's graphic on there, it's purely designed and tested BY women FOR women. 

Flex rating: 


So, definitely a good one to look at and I think the flex rating on this one is --MEDIUM. It’s sitting there right in the middle. It's forgiving enough for beginners, but it also has enough structure for somebody who's a really really strong rider to send it off some big jumpers.

So, "2020 Ride Saturdays."

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