The Story Behind the Ronix Footwear

The Story Behind the Ronix Footwear

Take a look at why Ronix is one of the best (quality) footwear choice in the industry!


The board you’re standing on is really important but the boots are your immediate contact to the board and to be able to trust the boots you are standing on is so important and I think it really dictates everything you do on the water. 

In the winter of 2006, we went back to the humble roots, back to square one started Ronix with a simple philosophy, “How do we make the most comfortable footwear you can possibly make?”

At that point in wakeboarding, most riders had to use some type of a soap to get their feet into the boots and often cases they also had to get their feet out of the boots. We changed the landscape of footwear. 

From the most advanced heat-moldable custom orthotic liners, all of our boots coming on a baseless design, coming in over a pound lighter and getting you a stronger connection to the board. It really changed how we approached boots.

All these components make up a single one boot. This is the flex form heel panel, put this on the back of the boot so that when you tighten it, it stretch and moves with the rider. 

This is an ankle support panel. This goes on the inside of the boot you will never see this but what this does is protects from the plastic of the skeleton.

I feel like Ryder's consumers can sense that about us that of our commitment level to boots is so so much deeper. Biggest thing to sum that up is from day one, we wanted to hit it from a lot of different angles we wanted to have an industrial designer that's more focused on cut lines. 

We wanted to have an engineer that's designing the ultimate chassis system. We wanted to have a product manager that's overseeing it all, brand manager and really have a complete footwear division.

If you look at our one collection there's 76 different components coming from 22 suppliers and eight countries to build a single boot not because it's cheaper but because it's better. We want to make the best footwear and it's so cool that I'm allowed to have an unlimited budget of what can we do to be better. It's a unique mentality that I haven't found any other company.

We use a lot of videos to look at like lenience to boot and a different needs between boat riders and cable riders at hard landings and stuff. So we were trying to come up with some stuff to give the rider support. This is some stuff you tried for when we first got into HP stuff. 

We test hundreds and hundreds of samples out at Lake Ronix in Orlando. We got a lot of really fun projects. One that stands out to me is the Kinetic boot. It took many many different prototypes to get the walkable boot to the point where it is exactly as comfortable as a traditional Ronix boot.

We didn't want to sacrifice anything that was found in our high-end range just to have a walkable liner. We spent about 4 years and over a hundred prototypes to get the fit exactly the way we wanted it.

For every model in our line, there's been at least 20 to 50 prototypes built to get it to where it is on the Shelf. There's really no holding back. There's no boundaries of financial tooling budgets or what we can spend. It simply let's go out and find the best materials across the world and let's build the best boots to bring to the market for the upcoming season. 

We were the first to make an adaptive chassis to wear as you're cinching the laces it's actually forming around the top of your foot with a skeleton. We're the first to make a baseless boot getting you 1/3 lower and lighter. We were also the first to make it a heat-formed custom-fit liner regardless of however many firsts or awards or name like that. 

If you're not really telling a tangible difference when you slip your feet in and go out for a session, it kind of doesn't mean anything. 

What looks good in the selling feature might not necessarily look good of actually the tangible difference and that's all that really matters to us is what is it really doing for you regardless of what it's saying.

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