Ronix Boots Overview

Chris O'Shea gives a quick rundown on the strengths of the Ronix's open-toe and closed-toe boots. 

Open Toe Wakeboard Boots:


The leader of lightweight adjustability built on an adaptive MainFrame chassis, the Divide boot continues to push the skills of intermediate to advanced level riding.


Built with our adaptive MainFrame chassis, the District boot recognizes the anatomical contours of your foot for the most customized fit. 

Closed Toe Wakeboard Boots:


This best selling high-end line of boots is redesigned for 2020 with an all new custom fit Intuition+ liner built on our Pro S.O.L.E.


The 2020 RXT boot features a redesigned Intuition+ liner built on our all new Pro S.O.L.E., the most advanced footbed in wakeboarding featuring Gen 2 orthotic contours and a material recipe developed to react faster, boost higher and land softer.



Hello Chris O'Shea from and today we're gonna have a look at the Ronix Boots. Just a quick overview of the open toes and the closed toes and Ronix has some of the most tech boots in the industry.

2020 Ronix Open Toe and Closed Toe Wakeboard Boots

Ronix Boots Overview 

So there's a lot of features in here to go through so we'll go through each boot in other videos in detail. But that's just a quick overview starting you know you've got your Divide Boot and then goes into the District Boot.

2020 Ronix Open Toe Wakeboard Boots

 Ronix Boots Overview

The benefits of an open toes is that you can fit multiple sized feet in them. Size 7 through to size 10 or they come into a 10 to 14. So really good for that board that you want everyone to the other have a go on multiple feet sizes.

 2020 Ronix Divide Wakeboard Boots

Ronix Boots Overview

Yeah, Divide boot is gonna be a great boot that is gonna be a little bit less supportive than your District. So when you step up to the District, you will notice, I don't know if you can see it on the video there, it's a little bit fire and it's a little bit stiffer as well. So a bit more support and then the other thing that all these boots actually have is they have Ronix's brain frame technology which is a skeleton.

 Ronix Boots Overview

It's kind of like a ribcage within the boot that helps the boot when it's tightened up wrap around and give you like a really snug responsive fit. And then also the rods that they run through frame the brain frame.

 Ronix Boots Overview

Basically so when this boots lock down on the board, it's giving you maximum response heel-and-toe because it's not gonna lift up and it's gonna be down like on the heel undertoes. So you're getting heel to toe lifts and just transferring maximum energy heel to toe.

2020 Ronix Closed Toe Wakeboard Boots

 Ronix Boots Overview

And then for your closed-toe option you got the new Ronix One boot which looks really stealth this year and the RXT. RXT is the widest boot on the market and absolute killer boot. Did really really well last year. Plenty of features on this one. So, and brought these boots, so we'll go through in a bit more detail.

2020 Ronix One Wakeboard Boots

 Ronix Boots Overview

But mainly the thing about closed-toe boots is it's, it's for the guy that is buying a boot just for themselves to ride. So you can mold these boots to your feet. They're very customized too and they're gonna give you maximum responseclose toe. You know, these are, these have molded 3D molded toe caps in both of these and actually will mold to feet on the insides.

 Ronix Boots Overview

Heaps of response and loads of features. They got the brain frame and so much more so, we'll cover that in some other videos. But that's basically quick rundown on the different strengths—closed and open toes and what you should be looking at.

 Ronix Boots Overview

And yes stay tuned for more videos, any questions hit us up on the YouTube Channel and yeah, thanks!

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