Best Kneeboards 2022

Best Kneeboards 2022 - Welcome Wake & Snow

Kneeboarding is one of the best watersports to do in the summer. As the name implies, kneeboarders ride on their knees as they are pulled through the water by a speedboat without requiring the rider to pull themselves into a standing position. Because it demands less in the way of practice and upper body strength,  it’s a great way to learn how to ride the wake for those who want to get out on the water and start having fun straight away.

If you’re looking into getting into kneeboarding, it’s important to choose the right kind of board for you. Your kneeboard can greatly influence your experience on the water so here are a couple of important factors to consider to make sure you choose the right board for your needs. 

Two types of Kneeboards

There are essentially two different types of boards to choose from. Each type of kneeboard is designed for a different type of rider.

  1. A recreational kneeboard is designed for the casual user. They are built to provide a smooth, easy ride for beginners. 
  2. Competition kneeboards are designed to be used by advanced riders at a competitive level. They are thinner and lighter than recreational kneeboards, allowing for faster speeds, more impressive tricks, and a far greater degree of control. 

Two types of board styles

In addition to the type of board, there are also two separate board styles. The board style determines the type of use. Regardless of your skill level, you should choose a board style based on what you plan to do in the water.

  1. A slalom board is designed for those who favour slalom riding over tricks. They have sharp edges and a flattened underside to allow for sharper turns. They are designed to stick to the water, rather than giving the rider airtime to pull off tricks.
  2. A trick board is designed for tricks. Unlike slalom boards, they have a curved underside to give maximum airtime for pulling off spins and flips.


Ready to find the perfect kneeboard? We’ve listed and reviewed the best kneeboards available right now. These boards are perfect for all kinds of different riders and skill levels. 

2022 Fluid Cinch Kneeboard

Best Kneeboards 2022 - Welcome Wake & Snow

All new and exclusive to Fluid, our Cinch board has a parabolic twin-tip symmetrical shape that gives maximum lift and smooth transitions during tricks while the bevelled edge ensures a forgiving ride. This board is perfect for all the family, it features our QF retractable flip toe hook and is very smooth to ride, giving you easy deep water starts and has great stability. The Cinch has a deep channel kneepad with a hook lock strap so you can really strap yourself in for a solid ride. 


2022 HO Neutron Kneeboard

Best Kneeboards 2022 - Welcome Wake & Snow

The new 2022 HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard is an all-around kneeboard the entire family can use and has the handle hook to make it easy to get up on this board. The Neutron has a twin-tip design and can be used in either direction, a continuous rocker that allows bigger jumps and softer landings, symmetrical sidecuts for better stability, four permanently installed fins for better tracking, and a large moulded rubber knee pad for maximum comfort. It also has a Powerlock single locking strap that is easy to use. The rectangular shape supports a wider weight range because it has more surface area than the oval-shaped boards.


2022 Hyperlite Joker Kneeboard

Best Kneeboards 2022 - Welcome Wake & Snow

Originally designed in 1994 by Tony Klarich, the Joker has become the best-selling kneeboard of all time. Beginners and serious shredders alike choose its proven high-performance shape and symmetrical profile. The square tip, tail shape, and 2-stage rocker design maximize pop off of all wake sizes forward and backward. The Joker’s Locking Edge Channels allow you to lock in for fakie take offs and landings. In addition, the dual-density kneepad allows comfortable cushy landings. Lastly, we’ve added the Powerlock single locking knee strap for maximum comfort and ease of use. The graphics come straight from DC Comics’ artist, giving the Joker board that distinct fun yet mischievous look. 


2022 Jobe Tempest Kneeboard

Best Kneeboards 2022 - Welcome Wake & Snow

Tempest for the serious boarder we have introduced a high-performance shape and symmetrical profile. The square tip and tail shape and 2-stage rocker design maximize pop off of all wake for all levels of riders. The Tempest's Edge Locking rails allow you to lock in for fakie take offs and landings. In addition, the tri-density ergonomic kneepad, allow for comfortable cushy landings. Lastly, we include the front inserts to allow the addition of the Jobe Handle Hook. This board looks every bit as good as it performs and will be sure to produce the goods.


2022 KD Missfire Kneeboard

Best Kneeboards 2022 - Welcome Wake & Snow

The Kidder Missfire is the premier model of the range, consisting of Kidder's signature fibreglass design, providing that smooth ride that has become expected. A PBT top allows the construction of the kneeboard stronger and more durable, while full-length rails under the base provide maximum edge hold into the week while allowing for plenty of pop off the wake. Providing maximum comfort is a dual-density EVA pad and a neoprene lined strap, giving a soft touch to your knees and making going big easier than ever.


2022 Raptor Riot Kneeboard

Best Kneeboards 2022 - Welcome Wake & Snow

This entry-level kneeboard is packed with features and great value for money like a diamond tip & tail for quick release off the wake and effortless spins. It has a small subtle flat rocker for consistency, a symmetrical sidecut for maximum stability, a retractable pop up hook for kids, a large orthotic knee pad for a comfortable ride, and a single locking strap for maximum comfort.



Whether you’re a big fan of watersports or are just interested in trying something new like riding a wake for the first time, then kneeboarding is something you might want to consider. Kneeboarding is an activity that kids and adults alike can enjoy regardless of skill levels.

Always remember to choose a kneeboard that suits your needs. There are loads of different options out there, so pay attention to the details. This will make a big difference in your overall kneeboarding experience.

Welcome Wake & Snow has a wide collection of kneeboards available from different respected brands!

JobeHO / Hyperlite / Kidder / Raptor / Fluid


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