Beginner Wakeboards

Chris O'Shea from Welcome Wake & Snow is here to show us through some of the 2020 Ronix & Hyperlite boards for beginner and intermediate riders


2020 Ronix Vault

A series that recognizes wakeboarding is the only board sport where your hips and shoulders aren’t always parallel. Your body is crossed up riding toeside, and more inline riding heelside, and every aspect of the Vault takes this into consideration for the proper building block of wakeboarding.


2020 Hyperlite State

Advancing your skills quicker with advanced shape technology. A complete entry level deck. Creating a shape to take riders' skills to the next level was the goal behind the new State 2.0.

2020 Ronix District

This board with the rare trait of adapting to your style of riding just got an overhaul for 2020. We took one of our best-selling all-purpose series that rides without stereotypes and made it lighter, delivering more feedback, and noticeably softer landings.

2020 Hyperlite Blueprint

Trever's Blueprint provides wakeboarders of all abilities a freewheeling and soulful ride that can break free in the flats and hook up on approach for a crazy pop off the wake. The deep long spine on the belly breaks up water and Trever says it's the "Softest landing board ever," allowing him to focus more on his tricks vs. hitting the sweet spot for landing. 


Hello Chris O'Chae from Welcome Snow and Wake and today I'm here to show you a couple of beginner boards. A really good options that we like to get people started on is Ronix Vault. This is the new 2020 Vault, looks really good this year and the Hyperlite State here's another favorite ours and both of these have really similar features that we'll run you through right now.


2020 Beginner Wakeboards

So, both of these boards you will notice, have a big center fin. Big center fin is basically gonna help you get up on the water and start to turn around without slipping out. When you starting to learn how to ride, generally you start to like push your turns around and just slide out really easy until you learn how to like find that edge and then curve and like lean into your edges properly. Having this center fin in just means you're gonna get more water time, more time on board to sort of figure it out without slipping you know otherwise you're gonna get up, slip out straight away so that's one feature.

2020 Beginner Wakeboards 

Both of these boards are actually designed by the same guy and he is like a world-renowned coach Mike Ferraro and he basically wanted to make at the boards different on the toe side edge, the heel side edge. So, you'll see on these boards, you actually have, so this is the heel side edge and that's the toe side edge. I don't know if you can see down there but basically tells you on there, saying that this one where to put the heels and the toes and the reason for that is, this edging on your toe side is a lot harder on a wakeboard so to try and help you get that good technique they've actually made the toe side edge a little bit longer than the heel side and same with this boy here you can sort of see in the nose.

2020 Beginner Wakeboards

I don't know if you can see that on there but this side is actually lower than this side. So this fin actually extends, like this fin actually extends up more just giving you better grip and it really just does make edging on that toe side easier for when you're getting going. Now, these boards are amazing wakeboards. They really will do you into like really high-end riding. So once you take the center fin out, this board is going to become a board that you can easily do your first flip, first spins and so on. Really from here like going up into like intermediate to pro board. Really all you're looking at is like the center fin is gone and then you start to get lighter, more snappier constructions that come through the line in all of these boards. So all your wakeboards are generally for boating. They gonna have a form core. There will be wood cores and different cores that come into play when you start going up and looking at different models but there's also different sorts of form.

2020 Beginner Wakeboards

So the big thing that happens is this is sort of your standard form which is a still really good form. But as you progress into those better forms they're going to have a better reaction time so what's happening when you hit the wake is that reaction time of the form is gonna snap you and it's just gonna give your board press a more snappier liftoff which you don't really that at start for sure. And you know there is guys out there that done like 1080s on these boards and stuff. So, this super super solid and you put a set of bindings on there with them. You're looking at $799 for both of these packages. They package out real nice binding. This set up right here which I think looks pretty nice from Ronix this year. It's actually the Divide Boot.


2020 Beginner Wakeboards

So, the District Boot which we can take a look at is the new District. So this would be your next step up in the Ronix line and as you can see there's no center fin and this board actually got some upgrades this year as well, District. So what they've done with this board is that they made it slimmer so they're really really sleek out the edges like the new one is just like, you know, this board is really really fire. This is a sort of board that any sort of rider here, if you're an aggressive rider likes to cut hard, will go harder, if you want to ride this board mellow you can ride it mellow. Continuous rocker line is really where it's at but just having a board that's easy to ride and just consistent this is a board that I would love to ride. It got a scoop down nose as well which anything with a scoop down nose, it's just gonna give you a nicer release of the wake and from what I found with boards with that, do have that little scoop? It's definitely a nice feature just for getting that release off but yeah the new 2020 Ronix District is fire this year. 


2020 Beginner Wakeboards

Like, it's so much lighter than last year's board with this less swing weight. Like this board yeah it's gonna ride really really nice so, it's definitely one to check out. Another boy wanna look at while we're here that I'm pretty psyched on, is the Hyperlite, the Blueprint. So this is Trever Maur, if you don't know who Trever Maur he is a California Shredder. He's done a bunch of movies. I've been privileged enough to work on him with some of the movies like riding and filming and  reducing but it's a really really an amazing rider and this is new shape and this is probably the board that I'm most psyched about out of everything this year. What you're working with is a continuous rocker so it's gonna be nice and consistent the board looks quiet nice and wide and it's really neat with all the channels, I don't know if you can see that down through there. But there's all these different channels that run through this board that are just gonna make the board land really really soft but also, it's just, it just looks beautiful.

2020 Beginner Wakeboards

I just think it's just gonna have no drag at all. It's gonna roll really well. It's gonna land like this spine that runs all the way through here just gonna slice water super well. And it kind of comes all the way up through here but in the nose it's got a quite, it's hard to tell on the video I'm sure but, here it's got quite an aggressive scoop. So it like comes up which is gonna act a little bit more like a skateboard kick like. So as you come and you release off the wake, having that bit like lift up like that with scoop. It just gives the board that little bit more like, "Whoop up!" and it goes so kind of, you know, you're almost getting like a continuous rocker which continuously fast, landings are good, it's consistent.


2020 Beginner Wakeboards

But then with that little lift in the tail there, I think this board is really going to almost have that like three-stage like boost up off the wake at the same time. So really really light, yeah, I can't wait to get on this one this year, Trevor, excited on new board. Anyone out there that wants to get around this board for 2020, definitely take a look. It's one that I'm psyched to try out.

Welcome Snow. I mean not Welcome Snow,, all these products will be available. Thanks.

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