2020 Ronix One Carbitex Boot Review

Chris O'Shea from Welcome Wake & Snow gives a rundown on the new features of the 2020 Ronix One Carbitex, Danny Harf's Pro Model.

 2020 Ronix Carbitex

The industry icon of well-tuned comfort and versatile performance now features an external asymmetrical flex pattern thanks to Carbitex CX6 - American made, real carbon fiber, harnessing extreme performance in a flexible form. The 2020 One boot features a redesigned Intuition+ liner built on our all new Pro S.O.L.E., the most advanced footbed in wakeboarding featuring Gen 2 orthotic contours and a material recipe developed to react faster, boost higher and land softer. Finishing off the redefined One is the 3D molded toe, the greatest advancement in wake footwear since the BrainFrame.



Hello everybody, Chris O'Shea from WelcomeWakenSnow.com.au and today we're having a look at the new 2020 Ronix One Carbitex Boot. New boot in the line for Ronix.


It's a Big Brother I guess you could call to the Ronix One Boot which is been Danny Harf pro model for quite some time. Now I'm looking at this boot it looks really still and it's got this new carbon carbitex material which is basically like a special type of carbon fiber that is designed to flex one way and then be stiff the other way.


So the reasoning behind this would be it makes the boot lighter for one but then it also means that Danny can have a softer flexing boot that is gonna be flexing more this way but then still be rigid when you flex it laterally. So when you're going really big and you're landing super hard this boot isn't gonna fold over and it's gonna stop me from going in the front sort of thing opposed to say the RXT boot which is a lot softer boot.


It folds both ways quite softly and if I compare it to just a regular one boot now which has all the features as well without the carbitex, the one boots a little bit heavier and then the Flex is I would say you know it's it's a little bit stiffer overall. This place a little bit softer that way but then it's probably stiffer laterally.


Now moving right along let's move into talking about some of the new features on this boot right here. The new features for this year they have upgraded and come up with a new intuition liner.


So the new intuition liner is going to multi feet better than ever. So that's the newest. If don't know what intuition is it's basically the inside of the boot we heated up. So if you buy this from the store come in we put this on a special machine.


It'll heat this boot up and we'll sit your foot in there tighten the boot up and at all the inside of the boot will mold to the contours of your feet. Also new on this boot this year is the Pro S.O.L.E. so the Pro S.O.L.E. is a new material that they've come up with that is more reactive and it's basically going to give you cushier landings and also be more reactive and more explosive.


So when you hit that way you're gonna get even more pop from this new Pro S.O.L.E. that they just have came up with it's probably the most advanced S.O.L.E. in the industry so far. And also the new 3D molded toe cap which looks really really cool super nice that will just multi fee and be super durable as well.


All right now let's take a look at the brain frame features which is the features that spread across the line through the One Boots and RXTs and quite a few of that boots through the line. So first of all you got the shell lace which is this really really durable material right here.


So in and out of your boots cinching in them up all day long this boots gonna last it's not going to wear off and the laces aren't going to cut in just going to be really really durable. And then you've got skeleton frame which is an inner frame working which is like a plastic frame that sort of wraps up here and then it wraps around there so you've got to the come there and then you've got three that run through there and they all connect and get pulled together as you do it boot up giving you maximum fit foot control.


Then you got baseless baits plate which is means that it's baseless. So this Pro S.O.L.E. is on the bottom of the boot and that's just straight on the board giving you a lot more board feel which more board feel means more control. And yeah opposed to just having a base plate with a sole on top having this just give you that ultimate feel on the water which is what we want and then also looking at the base here as well you've got the maglock which is these two beams that run through here and through here.


They stiffen up the base plate so in this boot is locked down on the board. You're getting maximum heel to toe. No lift in the boot. More control edge. And then you have the tape au which is basically just this red outline bit right here which is just going to protect your board from getting damaged at all. And that's a full run-through of nearly all the features I think that's covering most of it. Super light crazy sick. Comes in this Rad Bag that like bag it's on board bag comes in this rad bag this year.


And yeah if you have any more questions about boots sizing they come in sizes I think 6 through to 13 something on those lines. And yeah hit us up if you have any questions and yeah hope you liked the review. Have a good one!

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